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Turnage Theater comes back to life

By Staff
Last night’s gala brings excitement to the crowds
By CLAUD HODGES, Senior Reporter
The Turnage Theater is back.
It appears to look as it did in its heyday.
A gala was help last night that breathed life into the theater.
Work to restore the theater has been going on for years and its culmination led to the festivities last evening.
Ladies dressed in gowns and men in tuxedos lined the sidewalks of one of Washington’s most historic streets.
Washington’s Main Street disguised itself last night as New York City’s Broadway on opening night of a play or musical.
The renovated Turnage Theater came to life after an absence of approximately 35 years when the last film rolled at its cinema.
The marquee was alive with lights that gleamed and moved into the cool night.
The red carpet was out and people trod it down the tunnel of the theater, into the lounge and to the left to a beautifully decorated area where food abounded.
Shrimp, oysters on the half-shell and finger foods beckoned while more scrumptious hors d’oeuvres for delighted party-goers.
Ice sculptures adorned the lounge. Everything was festive.
The line stretched a block with people waiting to enter the theater. They were chattering with excitement to see the glory of the renovated theater.
Supporters of the theater were honored for their generosity in keeping this renovation project on its way to where the Turnage Theater is today.
Images of years gone by were brought to life for the people at the theater.
Some of the elders could remember when there were live shows at the theater. Others recalled when the theater was a cinema.
Regardless of how the past of the theater was remembered, it was all brought together in a grand way last night.
Will Mayo said he could “remember the fun” he and his friends had at the Turnage.
His wife, Tracy, who owns a business adjacent to the Turnage across Main Street, said. “It can do nothing but help” her business, plus all businesses downtown.
Last night was a delight for everyone involved.
The Turnage will be open for everyone to see at 2 p.m. today. Volunteers will guide everyone who comes and, it is hoped, the public opening will turn out to be a grand event for all to have had the opportunity to view the Turnage Theater this weekend.
Staff Writer Dan Parsons contributed to this article.