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Young author shares story in Washington

From Reaching for the Stars


Jaida Mi’Shell and her parents recently graced Washington with a sensational event at Reaching for the Stars Tutoring Program Center, located at 814 Fleming Street, Washington.
The event kicked off with the Bell family arriving before setup. This gave way to an exciting talk about their journey thus far with Jaida’s young career moves. The Bells expressed that Jaida is a happy extraordinary child with big dreams in the professional modeling industry, being a young author and a brand ambassador for Little Flower Dolls. In all of this, literacy is the main goal. As guests began to arrive, the little visitors were amazed and excited to hear all things “Jaida Mi’Shell.”

In the introductory moments, Mr. Bell encouraged the parent to get involved and be observant of what their children’s strengths and interests are. Once identified, help them grow. Time initially came for Jaida to give insight into her book “Breathe and Believe: You Can Be Anything.” We didn’t expect this 6-year-old girl to take time out to read to us!

How rewarding it was for other children in the Washington community and surrounding areas to have this opportunity to meet a 6-year-old author to motivate their own little minds to adventure to soaring higher this year. We all were amazed at the energy Jaida showed as she demonstrated her modeling expertise with so much confidence and poise.

Not only does she wear the prettiest little dresses, but so does her Little Flower Doll. Jaida actually asked her dad to learn how to sew and he currently is teaching her just that. Another part of the trio is her mom. While dad is the motivational speaker upfront, Jaida’s mom takes care of the marketing and behind-the-scenes work.

Both tasks are done with love, communication, prayers and their faith in God, says the Bells. As the first half of this school year begins, Reaching for the Stars wants our town to know, we are here to help your children with our Tutoring Program Center, which opens this month. Thank you to Jaida and the Bells for supporting our tutoring mission and for the encouragement they left imprinted upon us present.