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Bath Elementary celebrates 100 days

On Feb. 7, Bath Elementary School celebrated the 100th Day of School. The school was decorated with 100th Day banners and posters. The teachers planned numerous activities based around the number 100. There were prizes for every 100th child on the school roll as well as every 100th child that went through the lunchroom lines. Teachers held drawings for students making a 100 on a test and they received prizes as well as students with 100 days of perfect attendance. It was a fun day for our students.

There was a 100 Day poster contest held, with categories of grade levels kindergarten through second, third and forth, and finally fifth through eighth. The prize winners for the contest were:

Kindergarten through second grade — first place Bodie Modlin, second place Wade Boyd, third place Win Phillips

Third through fourth grade — first place Peyton Jordan, second place Wayland Brooks, and third place Elle Woolard

Fifth through eighth —first place Jordan Roberson, second place Landon Moore came, and third place Zeche Taylor.

MASKED STRANGER: Rebecca Hosey peeks through the eyeholes of a 100 days cutout.

BRIGHTER: Charlotte Braddy, Steele Bailey, Ellagray Roberson and Nolan Brooks were all 100 days brighter than they were at the beginning of the year.

HOW TO MAKE 100: Colten Respess highlights some of the many ways to make 100.

STILL KICKING: Mrs. Mindy Davis walked the halls with the aid of a walker, showing her 100th day spirit.

CELEBRATION: Kaden Neal, Brooklyn Williams, Garrett White, Raelyn Satchell and Brody Jackson show off artwork celebrating 100 days.

100 DAYS: In honor of the 100th day of the school year, Bath Elementary students and teachers celebrated with a variety of activities. Here, Mrs. Mindy Davis dressed up as a 100-year-old granny and visited Mrs. Julie Woolard’s first grade class. (Bath Elementary)

FASHIONABLE: Ella Boyd shows off a stylish mask celebrating 100 days.

100 DAYS SMARTER: Abby Woolard, Callie Switzer, Nickolas Keech and Maritza Ramirez show off their certificates of completion.

BIG SMILE: Maddox Meekins is all smiles on the 100th day of school.