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Ocracoke debris removal extended to Feb. 29

Hyde County will extend the collection of Hurricane Dorian roadside debris removal on Ocracoke Island until Feb. 29. This action is being taken to aid in the demolition and tear out of storm damaged structures and aid in the recovery of the island.

It is important to note that debris removal contractors will not pick up new construction debris. Only storm debris from demolition and tear out will be collected per FEMA regulation.

All new construction should be permitted through the Hyde County Building Inspections Office for a number of reasons:

  • New construction debris removal should be coordinated through the Building Inspections Office. Rehabilitations creating significant volumes of construction debris may be required to use an onsite container, while smaller amounts of construction debris can be disposed of at the Ocracoke Convenience Site. Our team will work with property owners to provide a construction debris method that is the least burdensome and aids in the recovery process to the highest degree possible.
  • Please note that all permit fees for Dorian related reconstruction have been waived. Please call Jane Hodges at 252.926.4372 or email jhodges@hydecountync.gov for questions in regard to building permits and inspections.
  • The permitting of demolitions, new constructions and tear outs enable Hyde County to coordinate your new construction debris removal and ensure your project is supported by our collection program.
  • In addition, permitting your project ensures that Hyde County tax assessors can reevaluate the value of your property. Without documenting your demolition through a building permit, the tax assessment team will not be aware of any change to the value of your property. Your property tax bill for the 2020-2021 tax year is contingent of the value of your home as of Jan. 1. For more information in regard to tax reassessment please call Kris Noble at 252-542-0802 or knoble@hydecountync.gov.

If you expect your demolition or “muck and mold” project to extend past the Feb. 29 deadline or to coordinate your new construction debris removal, please contact Teresa Adams at 252-368-6430 (please note, this is a new number) or by email at tadams@hydecountync.gov. Please be prepared to give Adams an address and a date for removal. We will do everything we can to assist in the disposal of your debris, but please do not put debris generated after the deadline on the roadside unless you are instructed to do so.

Household Hazardous Wastes will be collected and transported off of the island by an approved contractor on February 17, 2020. To identify potential storm generated household hazardous waste, please call Adams at 252-368-6430 (note, this is a new number).

The vegetative debris that is currently being collected is being recycled into mulch. Some of that mulch is being made available to community members free of charge at the Ocracoke Garden Center (pick up only).

If you have any questions or concerns in regard to debris removal or other items please do not hesitate to call County Manager Kris Noble at 252-542-0802 or email knoble@hydecountync.gov.