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The best reason of all

“And then the whole world walked inside and shut their doors and said — We will stop it all. Everything. To protect our weaker ones. ... Read more

2 days ago by WDN Editorial Board.

Public health or economic health?

Everyone’s heard that old phrase, “between a rock and a hard place,” and that’s exactly where North Carolina’s governor is in deciding whether or not ... Read more

3 days ago by Matt Debnam.

Risk and reward

In the midst of a pandemic, opinions, like rumors, are prevalent. Currently, one of the hot topics is the need for social distancing to prevent ... Read more

3 days ago by WDN Editorial Board.

A compassionate comeback

The status quo has been broken. The typical American way of life has been altered, perhaps permanently, in some ways. Under the stress of the ... Read more

5 days ago by WDN Editorial Board.

We know our storms in Beaufort County

We’ve seen it happen before: after a hurricane, those who have less than noble intentions prey upon the vulnerable. They ratchet up prices on necessary ... Read more

1 week ago by WDN Editorial Board.

The days we flew kites

While visiting with my mother-in-law (Mrs. Reba Smith) the other day in Chocowinity, the wind was blowing harder than usual and we both agreed that ... Read more

1 week ago by Harold Robinson.

Write Again … The price of love

You have heard, most surely you have, someone — perhaps many someones — over the years say, “I miss him every day.” Or “ We ... Read more

1 week ago by Bartow Houston.

Now is the time for good sportsmanship

People have asked me many times if the suspension of athletics was the right thing for the NCAA and the NCHSAA to have done. Absolutely! ... Read more

1 week ago by Harold Robinson.

Until normal comes again

How very much we take the normal state of things for granted. It’s hard to even count the ways that the widespread outbreak of COVID-19 ... Read more

1 week ago by Matt Debnam.

When a mere 6 feet can feel like miles

The recent 2014 Ebola virus traveled across a huge swath of west Africa through direct contact. A primary accelerant was the frequency and proximity of ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Robert Greene Sands.

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