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Making us all safer

It was a rainy, slightly chilly night in Washington on Monday — not a very nice night to be out and about. But that didn’t ... Read more

20 hours ago by WDN Editorial Board.

Now what do we do?

By GENE FOX A good friend of mine reminded me that I wrote about spring being early last week. He then pointed out that ever ... Read more

20 hours ago by Beaufort County Cooperative Extension.

The era of the beard may be coming to an end

Yes, the Centers of Disease Control have spoken out against men’s facial hair. It seems an odd commentary from the organization responsible for controlling the ... Read more

2 days ago by WDN Editorial Board.

A note to elected officials

One of the front page stories in Monday’s Washington Daily News brought some sad news for the City of Washington: the passing of longtime city ... Read more

3 days ago by WDN Editorial Board.

The neighborhood role models, remembered

When Mr. Virgil Cochran decided to move to Tenth Street, he never knew that his home would be the hub of all activity in that ... Read more

4 days ago by Harold Robinson.

Write Again … The golden bells

“There’s a land beyond the river, That we call the sweet forever, And we only reach that shore by faith’s decree;” As each of us ... Read more

6 days ago by Bartow Houston.

Highlighting your health: convenient radiation therapy for prostate cancer patients

For patients in eastern North Carolina with any type of cancer, the burden of travel can be a very real challenge. Some have a hard ... Read more

6 days ago by Vidant Beaufort Hospital.

Check your sources

In the past couple of weeks, two heartwarming stories and photos were circulating about police officers in the Winston-Salem Police Department going above and beyond ... Read more

7 days ago by WDN Editorial Board.

Use common sense

News of wintery weather is met with a variety of reactions in North Carolina, ranging from joy to dread and everything in between. An unfortunate ... Read more

1 week ago by WDN Editorial Board.

Putting the ‘winter’ into winter

It seems as though it’s been an age since Beaufort County saw snow. This winter has been more of a weather seesaw: a few days ... Read more

1 week ago by WDN Editorial Board.

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