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Midwestern birds-some different, some the same

This past week I visited some family in the Midwest, traveling to the northern-tier states of Minnesota and Wisconsin. You can always observe birds and this ... Read more

3 days ago by Betsy Kane.

Why neighbors are against the proposed Powell Place development

The objections raised by neighbors to the proposed 17-lot subdivision development have merit and should not have been trivialized as “minor” and “not real world”. ... Read more

4 days ago by Letters to the Editor.

Write Again…Those talents we are given

It would be very flattering if someone were to opine that my writing, at times, is eloquent. Or, to say that my writing, or speaking ... Read more

4 days ago by Bartow Houston.

A tale of two cities

Washington is truly a tale of two cities. A tale is a narrative, story, or account of a series of related events or experiences whether ... Read more

6 days ago by Leesa Jones.

A chance to end the digital divide

By JIM WEAVER NC Chief Information Officer Across North Carolina, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit it rapidly and radically altered how we work, learn and ... Read more

6 days ago by Guest Editorialist.

Health Beat: What to know about occupational therapy

By Chris Floyd Vidant Health What is occupational therapy?  This is a question I receive fairly often, and it means something different for each person.  ... Read more

6 days ago by Vidant Health.

The paving of downtown Washington

By 1890, the City of Washington had finally recovered from the economic disaster that was the Civil War. Maritime commerce was once again booming, and ... Read more

1 week ago by Ray Midgett.

15th Street redesign project ends first phase with transparency

There’s hope for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists who currently navigate 15th Street, but more patience will be required before we realize the full benefit. The ... Read more

1 week ago by WDN Editorial Board.

Write Again…Now the rest of the story

For the few who may have read last week’s column about the book “A Story of Glory – Duke University Football”, today’s offering is sort ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Bartow Houston.

More memories of the mosquito man

I am grateful for the tremendous response I received about last week’s column regarding the Mosquito Man.  I not only heard from Beaufort County residents, ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Leesa Jones.

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