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In memory of Marc Basnight

If you are newly arrived in eastern North Carolina, you may not recognize the name of Manteo resident Marc Basnight other than in connection to ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Betty Mitchell Gray.

Regaining autonomy: Support for Medical Aid in Dying

Throughout life, individuals are empowered by making their own decisions, but in the final stages of life this autonomy is often stripped away. Medical Aid ... Read more

1 month ago by Guest Editorialist.

Open for business, but not business as usual

By Sarah Bernart, Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina Although many North Carolina employers are back in business during the pandemic, it’s far from normal. ... Read more

2 months ago by The Daily News.

Drivers and pedestrians beware this Halloween

Driving impaired kills. Last year, North Carolina lost 35 people during the week of Halloween, and nine of those deaths were caused by impaired drivers ... Read more

3 months ago by The Daily News.

The missing piece

A good friend died of COVID last week. Beverly. She tested positive on Monday and died in her sleep that night. She was one hundred ... Read more

3 months ago by The Daily News.

Reasons for optimism this flu season: vaccine, testing, masks

Fall is known for cooler weather, the holiday spirit and the beginning of respiratory virus season, and this year we must be more mindful than ... Read more

3 months ago by Vidant Beaufort Hospital.

Make logging great again

As I walked through a wooded area the other day, I saw some beautiful, big old trees. I walked around admiring the beauty of the ... Read more

4 months ago by The Daily News.

Collaboration yields robust testing capacity in eastern North Carolina

When I first wrote about COVID-19 and its impending impact on our region on March, I shared it would take our entire community working together ... Read more

6 months ago by Vidant Health.

Congress needs to act now and extend unemployment benefits

By NORTH CAROLINA GOV. ROY COOPER Next week, thousands of North Carolinians who are out of work due to COVID-19 will see a drastic reduction ... Read more

6 months ago by Guest Editorialist.

How “Black Lives Matter” should really be interpreted

BOB ORR Once again, a prominent leader in North Carolina is coming under intense criticism for responding to a “Black Lives Matter” inquiry with the ... Read more

7 months ago by The Daily News.

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