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Write Again … And you know who

Please let me, friends, thank you in advance for reading today’s column. Your indulgence is not unappreciated. You see, I’ve written this, and versions of ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Bartow Houston.

Congress needs to act now and extend unemployment benefits

By NORTH CAROLINA GOV. ROY COOPER Next week, thousands of North Carolinians who are out of work due to COVID-19 will see a drastic reduction ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Guest Editorialist.

The ‘new normal’ at exercise facilities

TRAVIS ROGERSON Many states within the U.S. have allowed gyms to reopen with certain restrictions imposed on daily operations due to COVID-19. This information is ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Vidant Wellness Center.

The 4 things no boy could do without

There were four items that every boy who attended John Small School owned. These were not big possessions, but they were all important to the ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Harold Robinson.

Be like Jeff Jackson

It’s been four months since COVID-19 changed the daily lives of Americans. In those four months, there have been many editorials written about the virus, ... Read more

2 weeks ago by WDN Editorial Board.

If the county can no longer afford to recycle

To the Editor: It broke my heart to see that the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners voted to end its recycling program, as reported by ... Read more

3 weeks ago by The Daily News.

More self-care leads to a ‘stress less’ life

Self-care is completely necessary to keep your body and your soul alive, well and thriving. A good recharge and self-care is more than taking care ... Read more

3 weeks ago by The Daily News.

Fried green tomatoes?

I had the pleasure of hosting my folks, who live in Pennsylvania, over the course of the Independence Day holiday weekend. We had a wonderful ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Beaufort County Cooperative Extension.

To mask or not to mask? — that is the question

At my age (72), the memory begins to wane a bit. For example, I sometimes forget to put a face mask on before entering a ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Polk Culpepper.

Write Again … A whole new world

Memories. The things we remember. No, this isn’t going to be a sentimental dose of nostalgia. You know, when we sometimes imbue certain memories with ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Bartow Houston.

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