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Hope still high for Carter House

Newcomers to town might not notice the Henry Clay Carter House as they pull into the parking area of Brown Library, never knowing how much ... Read more

1 day ago by Karen Thiel.

Bring your home to life with fresh cuts and potted plants

As the cold weather continues outside our homes, many of us are seeking ways to incorporate some warmth and cheerfulness to tide us over until ... Read more

4 days ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

Got moles?

This time of year, I always get calls about mole tunnels across lawns. Why is that? Eastern moles spend their time foraging for food under ... Read more

7 days ago by Beaufort County Cooperative Extension.

Is a sweet potato a yam or is a yam a sweet potato?

Our family has a tradition of going camping sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Day. The fathers in the family take the kids away so ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Beaufort County Cooperative Extension.

Entertaining in the outdoors

The sky’s the limit – almost literally – when it comes to outdoor entertainment options for Beaufort County residents with a homebody heart and the ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Karen Thiel.

Winterize your home

D.S. Swain has seen more than 70 winters come and go, most of those since he turned 18 and started working with his father at ... Read more

1 month ago by Karen Thiel.

The restaurant industry isn’t the only one hurting!

Terra Ceia, loosely translated, means “Where Heaven meets Earth or Heavenly Earth”. The area is aptly named if you have ever witnessed one of the ... Read more

1 month ago by Beaufort County Cooperative Extension.

Washington Park home a study in elegance, quirkiness

Set far off River Road’s traffic, on 1.73 acres of sloping, grassy lawn with banks on a small tributary of Runyon Creek, is a house ... Read more

4 months ago by Vail Stewart Rumley.

Mums blooming a sign of fall

This week has been absolutely wonderful, the beginning of fall actually feels like fall! I can’t remember when the last time that happened — it ... Read more

4 months ago by Beaufort County Cooperative Extension.

Train depot turned historic home offers best of southern living

Before the turn of the 20th century, the building on the corner of West Main and Washington streets welcomed visitors to Washington. A train depot ... Read more

4 months ago by Vail Stewart Rumley.

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