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Good neighbors preserve Washington’s history

The penultimate Terrell Award for Good Neighbor has been awarded to Joan Cottle for her dutiful restoration of her historic home on East Main Street.  ... Read more

3 days ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

Tips for traveling this summer

Most of us tend to save our vacation time for summer travel and fun. My family usually spends time at both the beach and visiting ... Read more

3 days ago by Gene Fox.

Belhaven beauty in Banjo Creek Estates

With picturesque views of Pungo Creek and dedicated waterfront access, this Belhaven home offers the perfect slice of southern charm.  This home is located within ... Read more

1 week ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

A beginner’s guide to pesticides

This time of year, with every passing warm day, a hot topic has been spraying herbicides on home lawns. I fielded this question three times ... Read more

1 week ago by Gene Fox.

Fried green tomatoes: a Southern favorite

I had the pleasure of hosting my folks, who live in Pennsylvania, over the course of the weekend. We had a wonderful visit. The mosquitoes ... Read more

3 weeks ago by Gene Fox.

Residential Renovation: Stone honored with Terrell Award

The second of four Terrell Awards has been presented to Kasey Stone for her ongoing renovation of the historic home located at 238 East Main ... Read more

1 month ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

Navigating spots on Camellias

The caller noticed that her camellia leaves weren’t looking very good. There were some spots and yellowing or what we would call chlorosis. Before we ... Read more

1 month ago by Gene Fox.

Best Commercial Rehab: Local business wins award for historic renovation

The Terrell Award for the Best Commercial Rehab was presented to the three owners of Flying Pig Provisions last Friday.  The Terrell Awards are made ... Read more

1 month ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

What is this alien growth on my mulch?

I had a sample come into the office this week that was just a disgusting mass of yellow goo. It was found by a homeowner ... Read more

1 month ago by Gene Fox.

Home on Main: New residents plant roots in Washington

The world has gone quite topsy turvy since the pandemic began a little over a year ago. New home buyers like Tom and Barb Harty ... Read more

1 month ago by Chelsea Hofmann.

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